Saturday, 12 September 2009

My hovercraft is full of eels

Packing, again. Somehow the amount of effort doesn't change whether I'm going away for 4 days, or a month.The rush of pre-trip anxiety is hitting me now. Do I have x? Did I tick y off without packing it? And has anyone seen z? I like the butterflies.

And when I'm done, there is a moment of silence. I finish my drink, look around - if I can't see anything I need, it must be in my bag. And I can go to bed.


Marie said...


Foie gras?

Vlieg veilig...

arcadia said...

(besef jy hoeveel daar gesamentlik gereis sal moet word in die volgende paar jaar om op te maak vir al hierdie solo-reisery van my en jou? _veel_ )

pas jouself op.