Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Tag cloud

I've been here a month now.   Not only doing the wow-I'm-in-another-country thing, but also reading.  

My tag cloud (courtesy of is beginning to highlight the main areas I'll be working with - market-based control, distributed robotics, auctions and satellites.  You can find me somewhere near the intersection of those spaces.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The dangers of drinking small beer when hot


In the shadow of the cathedral, behind the Deanery we found a book exchange.    

It was late on a Sunday afternoon, two old gentlemen were shuffling their way through the boxes of books stacked in a small arched porch.  Old travel guides, Sidney Sheldon novels, paperback Shakespeare, a guide to the art of the Hermitage from 1976.  Printed signs indicated a recommended donation, which you dropped in through a slot in a door.  Only good intentions and your conscience to keep you honest. 

I traded a small contribution for an old "A New History of England".

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Woman at the bus stop

While I'm waiting for the bus outside Asda, a woman joins queue.  

Tallish, almost middle-aged.  But it is the hat you notice first - true Robin Hood style, feather included.  When she turns, there is a swirl of the long purple cape, the lower edge frayed from dragging on the ground.  A smallish stuffed silver dragon tries to crawl from her suitably medieval knapsack. 

The trendy 18-year-olds peer and giggle.

She gets on the bus with me, pays her fare, and disembarks at Portswood.