Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Nasionale Braaidag

Even if you're not fasting for Lent, many people still enjoy the celebrations that precede it. Germany has Fetter Donnerstag, Mardi Gras is not limited to France, Rio goes crazy and Venice dons her masks for carnival. In Greece, they have Tsiknopempti. From tskino, the smell of barbecuing meat, and Pempti, Thursday. So literally - Barbecue Thursday. And everyone joins in.

It feels very similar to braais back home - everyone is keen, but only three people know how to do it ("Kom ons braai! Ja! Ja! Wie kan braai? hmmm..."). It starts very late and only ends when security asks us to go home. Even then we just move indoors and have more wine.

Vast quantities of meat (kreas) are consumed. Mostly pork with a bit of chicken. Everything is eaten directly from the fire, sprinkled with oregano and drizzled with lots of fresh lemon juice. Apparently every Greek keeps a couple of lemons available at all times.

I can get along with this culture.


Marie said...


But who doens't know how to braai? Give me their names.

jvdh said...

Daar is 'n paar mense weet jy het vuur en vleis. Ongeveer. Die fyner details van voel of iets gaar is, weet wanneer jy nog 'n bottel wyn kan gaan soek sonder dat kos brand en dat daai klein ringetjie op die rooster jou stukkend sal brand, is ongelukkig nie meer daar nie.

Skandelik, ek weet. Ek hoop maar ons kan hulle mettertyd oplei.

Tiaan said...

I hope you guys are planning to fly the braai flag high on 24 September when all South Africans will be celebrating Braai Day (on Heritage Day).

May the wors be with you!
Woodtjopper (Braai4Heritage)